Add Media from YouTube

You can add YouTube video content and metadata into Kaltura. Hosted content on YouTube is played back using the Kaltura player.

This feature will also remove ads that are typically displayed before, during and after YouTube media.

Supported Features

Because the video itself still ‘resides’ on YouTube, a YouTube entry is treated differently.

What is supported?

  • Basic and custom metadata
  • Commenting
  • Collaboration (changing owner, adding co-editor and co-publisher)
  • Attachments
  • Uploading caption file to Kaltura entry
  • Replace Video (with new YouTube URL)
  • Playback analytics
  • Create a Video Quiz

What is not supported?

  • Kaltura REACH auto-captioning
  • Change Thumbnail
  • Enable download
  • Viewer’s ability to enable/disable YouTube captions (these are the captions associated with the YouTube video)
  • Timeline (Chapters and slides)
  • Trim/Clip
  • Playback rate selector