Create a Video Quiz

Video Quizzes are created and edited using the Kaltura Video Editing Tools Quiz Creator. Increase student engagement with your media. Add questions or polls to lectures, training videos, and other media.

Students can watch media and receive feedback, correct answers, and in-depth explanations when completing questions. Instructors can add quetions to videos to measure student's understanding of the material presented.

Video Quiz Features

  • Create multiple choice questions with 2-4 optional answers per question
  • Allow students to download the questions before taking the quiz
  • Include hints to quiz question answers
  • Provide feedback for correct/incorrect answers
  • Allow students to skip questions
  • Create a Video Quiz from a YouTube video

Use the Quiz Tab in the Kaltura Video Editing Tools to create and edit Interactive Video Quizzes.

  1. Access MediaSpace at:
  2. From the top right corner, click Add New > Video Quiz
  3. Click on the Edit icon for a media entry
  4. From the Edit page, Click Launch Editor
  5. Follow the prompts to select media and add questions