Video Editing Tools

Trim or clip videos using the Kaltura Video Editing Tools.

Set a Range

To trim media or to create a clip, you must first define the range you want to keep or make a clip from. You can set the range in one of the following ways:

  • Drag the handlebars of the start or end points with your mouse to set the range. 
  • Enter a start time or end time in the Real-Time Input field, and press Enter. The Real-Time marker will position itself on the timeline at the manually set time. You can then drag either handlebar on the Timeline edge to snap it to the real time marker.
  • Click anywhere on the Timeline, the real time marker will position itself there. Drag either Timeline edge to snap it to the real time marker.
  • Play the media, and pause on desired time. the Real-Time marker will position itself at that time. Drag either Timeline handlebar to snap it to the real time marker.
    When arrows are displayed on the Real-Time marker, you can move the Real Time marker on the timeline to a different position, either backwards or forwards.

Trim Media

Use the trimming tool to trim the start and/or end of your media.

Note:Trimming media will modify the source media permanently. Create a clip to trim a copy and preserve the original media in Kaltura.

  • Access your My Media from the Chemeketa MediaSpace website or from within eLearn
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit your media
  • From the Edit page, Click Launch Editor

Create a clip

  • Set the Range. Use any of the methods listed in Setting a Range.
  • Click Save a Copy (clip) to create a clip. Saving a copy creates a copy and the original media is unchange