How to Upload Media to Kaltura

Follow these steps to upload media to MediaSpace or within Blackboard.

  1. Access MediaSpace at:
  2. From the top right corner, click Add New > Media Upload (enter your My Chemeketa login if prompted).

    Blackboard users can Upload Media directly from within Blackboard by selecting following these steps:

    1. Login to Blackboard at:
    2. Enter your My Chemeketa login when prompted.
    3. From within a Blackboard course with Edit Mode On click on the Build Content Button > click Kaltura Media.
    4. Next from the Mashup Gallery page > click the Add New > Media Upload.
  3. Next from the Media Upload page, click Choose a File to Upload.
  4. Browse and select media files on your computer to upload.
  5. Click the Ok button.
  6. Enter information for required fields about your media (indicated by an asterisk).
  7. Click the Save link to save your changes.